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Alison Zahorski

I am a native English speaker, born in London.
I have been teaching professional English in businesses and universities in Lyon since 2007 (ECAM, Evolem, GL Events, Adecco Groupe France, Tournaud, Bridgestone etc. ) 
I have a strong business background, as previously I worked for 21 years, as a business analyst and manager for companies trading on the London Stock market. 

I am passionate about my work. It is really important for me that my students succeed! I listen carefully to each student's individual objectives, and take a great deal of time and effort in ensuring I deliver exactly what they need to meet their goals!

I've found that the biggest obstacle for most French people, is their lack of confidence in their English. So, it is always great for me to see those same students gain confidence, and really enjoy speaking English!


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